Daytona - Framegrabber Errors

2017-09-14 12:39

when Framegrabber errors are seen on a Daytona Scan head, then the correct course of action is to replace the Electronics Module but there is no requirement to replace the Red or Green Detectors also.

  • Product Affected: Daytona A10600 Scan Head
  • Parts affected: Electronics Module A10635

The Daytona scan head can generate a number of error codes related specifically to the Framegrabber within the Electronics Module. The only course of action, if the fault is seen is to replace the Electronics Module A10635, however there is NO need to replace the Red or Green Detectors as well as the fault does not relate to the detectors.

Framegrabber Errors

  • HWC - 5101 Failed to reset capture start
  • HWC - 5102 Failed to load Framegrabber COFF file
  • HWC - 5103 Failed to setup Framegrabber control regulator
  • HWC - 5104 Failed to set Framegrabber convolution matrix
  • HWC - 5105 Failed to set Framegrabber ROI parameters

The software team have now a solution for HWC - 5103, and Daytona Scan Head Software Nurburg1.6.2 will greatly reduce this error occurring.

Software Location

The software is located in Phase 5 DMR as shown below and contains the files <em>nurburg_v1.6.2.12.tar.gz and update.txtThese 2 files are required to upgrade the Daytona scan head using the standard process of installing these files into the 

C:/ Optos Data/System/Software

folder on the OA Server and then shutting down the scan head via the touch screen.

\\skat\DMR\Phase 5 - Latest Release DMRs\P200T\P200T K90492 Daytona Nurburg SW Kit\Design\S90100\Software Update

Software changes

This version of software includes the following changes from Nurburg 1.6.1:

  • Workaround to bug 8292 - Frame Grabber HWC_5103 errors during initialisation.

Note for Field Service - HWC_5103 errors

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