Cleaning up SQL Database

2017-09-14 11:51

Sometimes the Nil Dicom Service stops also the Optos Workflow Service stops working and cannot be restartet. Parts are answered in other FAQs and will only be linked the rest is explained here.

1. Montage Cache cleaning

Open the following folder and delete all files in the folder

C:\Program Data\Blackford Analysis\Optos Service\montage_cache

2. Database cleaning

Open SQL Server Management Studio

  • Go to Database
  • NILDB >> New Query
    • delete from AuditTrail
    • delete from SeriesWorkflow
    • delete from TaskInfo

That should have deleted all entries in the Dicom Activity in OA. And after cleaning this should give OA a boost and it should work fine again.

Check the Optos Workflow Service, start it if it's not running. Also check in Computer Management if the user RegUser who is owner of the Optos Workflow Service is checked that the password never expires.

Also check Dicom Lifecicle and see if the OptosMontage is setup properly.

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