Why don't my image are landing in OA?

2017-09-11 16:06

Check if there are requests in "C:\Optos Data\Image Processing Request" folder. 

If no:

  • Log into OA with Admin account
  • View usage in Admin
  • Verify missing images/sessions
  • Bulk export by patient

If OA has AutoMontage, please read this before you use Bulk Export!!!

If yes:

  • check services
    • NIL Dicom service
    • Optos Data Gateway service (could hang, try restarting)
    • Optos Image Export Service
    • Optos Image Processing Service
    • Optos Table Manager Service
    • Optos Workflow Service
    • Optos Task Scheduler
    • OptosMongoDB
    • World Wide Web Publishing Service
  • check C:\data\db
    • if there is a mongod.lock - delete this file
    • Restart the services
    • Images should now process and land in OA

If images still don't land in OA, check XML config file in C:\Program Files\optos\optomap applications\config.

If Bulk export looks successful but images are still not in OA:

  • check if HDD is full
  • check Watermark in OA
  • clear Cache (best with CCleaner)

NOTE: The reason that images are not transferred to OA can also be thqt they were archived before.

Please read this BEFORE Bulkexporting!!!

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