Why do I get "Vantage Connection lost"?

2017-09-11 15:39

That error message can have several reason.

  • Data Gateway Connection
  • Network Issue / Firewall
  • Low Storage
  • Device is not powered on
  • Database Issue
  • IP Address / Port conflict

Data Gateway Connection Issue

  • Restart Optos Data Gateway Service
  • Ask to refresh Patient list on Device

Firewall or Network Issue

  • Check network connection and ask customer to check cables
  • ping Scanhead (i.e. ping -t)
    • If that fails, login to "localadmin" (Password: n3tw0rk).
    • If it is pingable, check services
    • Also check Review if it throws errors then it's most likely a DB issue.
  • check if the TCP port 8099 and the UDP port 5353 is open for communications
  • The default IP addresses for Scanhead and Image Server, if directly connected, are:
    • Image Server:
    • Scanhead:

Low Storage Issue

  • Check how much space is available on Harddrive
  • Use Vantage Pro Storage for archiving
  • Recommended it a NAS drive 2-4 TB in size

Database Issue

  • Make sure that on all Review Stations the Vantage Review Software has been closed
  • Stop the Services
  • Save the original DB on the customers computer
  • Open the *.mdb with Jetcomp
  • DB Password is 85985E03C553
  • Restart the services
  • Start Vantage Review Software and see if the patient list can be opened.

When did it happen?

  • If at the beginning, then restart the Image Server (leave Scanhead on)
    • Login
    • Refresh user list (Try to fix the problem --> refresh list)
  • If it happens at the end of the session, check disk space and clean disk space (archive with Vantage storage) 


  • Also provide Unlock code when all is done and up-n-running.
  • Update Vantage Software if not already up-to-date.
  • Check the Storage path in Vantag Admin.
  • Change IP Address of Scanhead 
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