What Nurburg Version is the correct one?

2019-02-21 11:03
Daytona Nurburg 1.6.5 nurburg_v1.6.5.457.tar.gz
Daytona Plus Nurburg 1.6.5 nurburg_v1.6.5.457.tar.gz
California Nurburg 2.4.2 A10650_software_v2.4.2.470.tar.gz

Update the California Nurburg firmware in the steps 2.3.2. -->2.3.3 --> 2.3.6 --> 2.4.3 (when released)
Update the Daytona Nurburg firmware in the steps 1.5.1 --> 1.6.5

To remotely update the Nurburg Version, put the correct "tar.gz" - file plus the "update.txt" into the folder

  • C:\Optos Data\System\Software

of the Image Server and restart the Device.
Make sure in Vantage Admin the path to the Gateway Service is "C:\Optos Data", otherwise the Nurburg Firmware is not being recognised.

<em>NOTE: The version of software running on the California scanhead must be 2.3.6 or later to accept this update.

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