Level 2 - General Servicing

2020-07-31 11:32


  • Anti-Static device
  • 5mm Ball driver
  • 5mm Allen key
  • Optos approved dry cleaning wipe
  • N97632 Optos approved pre-moistened cleaning wipe
  • Ophir Laser Power Meter with BC05 Laser Scanning Head
  • N34941 Cable Clips
  • ¼ Turn Proof Tamper Key for covers
  • C13452 USB to TAK Adapter Cable
  • T106806 OCT Eyepiece Holder
  • T106784 OCT Model Eye
  • T106769 Test Frame
  • Fiber cleaning cloth spool
  • Extended 5mm driver
  • Spare blanking plugs for Optical fibers and connectors

Field replaceable parts


  • A10656/A10689 Red Detector
  • B6009 Green Detector
  • A10662 XYZ and Patient Interface Module
  • A10805 XYZ and Patient Interface Module
  • A10704 Reference Arm
  • A13858/A10800/A10801 Spectrometer
  • B10681 XYZ Stage
  • B10806 XYZ Stage
  • B13479 Fan Assembly
  • N97209 Capacitive Switch


  • C5891 Line Start Cable
  • C5895 Red Detector Cable
  • C12483 Earth EM to Chassis Cable
  • C12484 Earth EM to Optics Plate Cable
  • C13077 Fast Scan Cable
  • C13078 Return Path Cable
  • C13079 XYZ Stage Cable
  • C14364 XYZ Stage Cable
  • C13240 Green Detector Cable
  • C13258 PAM Cable
  • C13273 Capacitive Switch Cable
  • C13391/C14325 P200TE Harness Camera Link Cable
  • C13392 P200TE Peripheral Cable
  • C13437 P200TE Fan/Switch/Logo Cable Harness
  • C13500 Logo - Back Fan Cable Harness
  • C13501 Logo - Side Fan Cable Harness


  • B10728 Scan Head Left Side Cover
  • B10729 Scan Head Right Side Cover
  • B10733 Top Front Cover Logo Assembly
  • B13178 Skirt Assembly
  • B13180 Face Plate
  • B13184 Base Cover Front Assembly
  • B13419 Rear Cover Assembly
  • B13536 EM Air Intake Duct Assembly
  • M13205 Base Trim Right
  • M13206 Base Trim Left
  • M13210 Base Cover Side Left
  • M13211 Base Cover Side Right
  • M13212 Base Cover Rear
  • M13234 Base Cover Front Left
  • M13406 Front Cover Trim


  • M12817 Tooling Hole Plugs
  • M13053 PAM Cable Split Grommet
  • M13054 Line Start Cable Split Grommet
  • M13631 Fan Holder Assembly
  • M13415 Air Intake Insert
  • M13491 EM Air Intake Filter
  • M13492 Rear Fan Bracket Gasket
  • M13494 Sample Arm Fiber Cable Split Grommet
  • M13495 H Scan Cable Split Grommet
  • M13496 Sample Arm Cables Split Grommet
  • B13690/B14326 Spectrometer Bracket Assembly
  • M13604 Bracket Hinge Assy
  • M13615 Bracket - Sample Arm
  • M13616 Bracket - Front Fiber Sample Arm
  • M13617 Bracket - Fiber Adapter
  • B13681 H Scan Connector Clamp Assembly
  • N97479 Fiber Adapter
  • M13691 Hinge Clamp (Spectrometer Bracket)
  • C13685 Earth Cable (Camera to Chassis)
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