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California Nurburg Software 2.4.2 Latest Info

Hi All  

I want to bring to your attention a potential issue regarding California Scan Head & Nurburg Software 2.4.2

There is a possibility of the Hand Controller being unresponsive on a California Scan Head, if Nurburg Software 2.4.2 is installed.

This may occur when changing the scan head to DHCP (to allow the scan head to obtain the IP Address automatically) or updating the scan head to Nurburg 2.4.2 with a system already setup for DHCP and then restarting the scan head. This may cause the all the buttons on the Hand Controller to be completely unresponsive although the system can still be used via the Touch Screen.

The next release of California Nurburg will resolve this issue but the current recommendation is NOT to upgrade to 2.4.2, or if the system has already 2.4.2 installed is to ONLY setup with Static IP addresses. If the issue occurs then resetting the scan head to static IP address and restarting the scan head should resolve the issue.


  1. EM A10651 rev 8 MUST have Nurburg 2.4.2 installed due the type of SBC within the EM, Nurburg 2.4.2 should already come pre-installed with this version of Nurburg software.
  2. This issue is only with Nurburg 2.4.2 and not related to any unresponsive buttons on the Hand Controller due to wear & tear.
  3. Downgrading from Nurburg 2.4.2 is not an option.  

I would be grateful if you pass this information onto your teams.  

Any questions please do not hesitate to contact Elaine Fresson or myself. 

Many thanks  

Last update: 2019-01-16 10:11
Author: Administrator

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