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Touch Screen - Hot Pluggable Item????

As you may recall from the meeting last week, we had a discussion on what items are Hot Pluggable Modules for Daytona & California.   As previously mentioned in various bulletins and presentations the only hot pluggable item is the PAM as this has a USB connector.   I know you had previous information that the Touch Screen was also possible but I wanted to clear this ambiguity once and for all.   After speaking to the engineering and hardware teams, they are adamant that the Touch Screen is should not be connected or reconnected when the scan head is powered.   Elaine has stated that they still receive EM with blown components due to modules being swapped when powered.   Below is the comment from Alan Williams (Engineering Manager - Electronics)

The touchscreen is not hot pluggable. It will damage the system. Earlier SBCs (incl. those currently in Daytona) are more resilient to this so we never observed the failure in the lab, but that’s not to say it hasn’t happened in the field. Fundamentally however the touchscreen connector is not a hot pluggable connector. Even if a Daytona SBC is not permanently damaged on a hot plug even, it will be stressed and potentially weakened and could see a fail at a later point.  

I would be happy to discuss this further and wanted to see if this will cause issues with customers going forward as the recommendation would be to restart the system if the system goes to sleep.

2018-05-23 08:04

DEAs and Demos

Just for clarity, as I’ve seen some examples recently - when Customers have a DEA or demo device from us, the person deinstalling (FSE or driver) is supposed to give them the images that they took during the trial prior to removing the device and cleaning the PC. 

2018-04-04 11:17

NiPro Main Mirrors

Hi All,

During discussions with Eddie and Alan Meikle, I’ve discovered that only NiPro main mirrors should be used on Daytona plus scanheads.   Can we please ensure that a NiPro MM is shipped to this customer?  

There are 2 manufacturers of O4498C aluminium mirrors, and the NiPro ones should be used on Daytona Plus

Cheers, Tony

2017-12-05 08:44

NAS Drives

Just a few points of clarification around Customers NAS drives:  

  • If a Customer is small and has no IT support it is fine for us to set up a brand new NAS drive for them. You should advise them that going forward they will be responsible for managing the NAS drive themselves.
  • We should not delete or move anything on a Customers NAS drive ever.
  • When anything is copied to a Customers NAS drive we should confirm in writing that we have copied XGB from PCX and saved it in location X. You should confirm size is the same as the original.
  • When you take any of these steps the details should be listed in the case together with copies of emails sent to the Customer.
  • If the Customer is working with a NAS drive that they are already using for something else then you should not make any set up changes – they should do this themselves.
  • Anything of this type should still be supervised by Hagen at this point.

Let me know if you have any questions

2017-11-23 16:06

MM Measurement

The mm measurement is not available for Vantage Pro Review.   It will be available for Optos Advance 4 in the near future.

2017-08-22 15:45

Module swaps and cables

Hi Guys,

I have noticed a few cases recently where cables have been an issue at Module swaps.   In future, when ordering a module for swap, please include the relevant cable on the order also.  

  • Red/Green Detector
  • PAM
  • BDIO
  • Fastscan
  • Sloscan
  • Line start  

RMA not required for the cable.

Cheers, T

2017-08-21 16:32

OA Licenses for Clinical Trials

Clinical department automatically get charged for an OA licence when they make a clinical order for a California so it’s fine to create a full licence for them when necessary. Customer support will create a case for these as usual.

2017-08-21 12:42

Quality Policy

Optos is committed to the global delivery of safe and effective medical devices in the chosen markets. These devices will be cost-effective and exceed our customer expectations.

Optos is committed to implementing and maintaining a Quality Management System, ensuring regulatory requirements are met.

Optos will establish, review and update quality objectives to maintain and develop these standards. The effective operation of our Quality Management System will drive improvements within our business in all process areas.

Quality is the responsibility of all members of management and staff at Optos and by the active involvement of all we will achieve; Excellent Product, Excellent Service and an Excellent Company.

2017-08-21 12:39

Demo installs and Swaps

Note that if it’s a demo (rather than a DEA) then everything does happen outside of CRM. There is a demo pool and it’s managed by sales as required as they “own” the stock.

2017-08-21 12:38

AutoMontage Upgrade Procedure

As you’ll likely get some requests for montage upgrades directly from sales lets have the following as the process:

  1. All customers installed since Oct 1, 2016 with OA version 4 (any device) can get optomap am at no charge on request. Create sales order for FOC upgrade.  Assign case to EU Tech Support
  2. Customers with OA installed prior to Oct 1, 2016, will be offered a chargeable upgrade to optomap am (there may be some requests to do this FOC) – Needs to go through usual opportunity/quote process. Once approved create sales order for upgrade. Assign case to EU Tech Support.
  3. All requests for optomap am where installation or sale was prior to April 1, 2016 to be charged - Needs to go through usual opportunity/quote process.  Once approved create sales order for upgrade. Assign case to EU Tech Support.
2017-08-21 12:37

PHI Procedure

One point of clarification for any cases you are working that are suspected PHI. If it becomes clear that it is not really a PHI please uncheck the PHI radio button and add a note to explain why it has been deemed not to be a PHI. Also of course add your report covering the responses to the scripted PHI questions.

This is required as a result of the recent FDA audit

2017-08-21 12:34

Welcome to our own created Knowledge Base

Done! The installation worked fine. PhpMyFAQ was installed as a project to find quick answers to regular and irregular question and issues from Customers.  This KB shall offer a quick way to find answers without digging deep into the almost endless information provided.

2017-08-21 12:32

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